Treat Yourself Well with Eucalyptus Oil

13th Apr 2020

woman in orange top and blue denim jeans sitting on white couch

With the current COVID-19 pandemic occurring, it is no doubt that the attention to self-care has shifted and increased. People all over the world have been taking the proper precautions to keep themselves healthy, such as practicing good hygiene. With many individuals practicing social distancing by staying home, many are finding themselves still stressed and restless without relief. However, with plenty of time to stay home, others are discovering creative ways to treat themselves well while sheltering in.

Holistic self-care practices have caught fire such as home spas, meditation, and the use of essential oils. Many of these practices promote wellness, clarity, and ultimately stress relief. This begs the question of if there is an ideal way to achieve all three with one practice.

Eucalyptus oil has been known to soothe discomfort, protect against infection, and rejuvenate the body and spirit. It has been used as a key ingredient in balms and massage blends, but is widely known in the world of aromatherapy due to its many inhalation benefits.

Eucalyptus oil is typically used in spas to facilitate deeper breathing, decreases stress, and create a refreshing environment for its patrons. However, the cooling aroma of eucalyptus oil is no longer exclusive to spas alone. Eucalyptus enthusiasts can now utilize 100% pure eucalyptus oil in the form of a Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray by the Travertine Spa Collection.

The Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray was first created by the Travertine Spa Collection to create a moment of self-care and wellness in the shower. In just two to three sprays, you can experience an escape from the stress of the day. Allow the key ingredient of 100% pure eucalyptus oil to extend a relief from pressure and tension, while also providing respite from your daily checklist. In addition, the refreshing scent of eucalyptus can be used to freshen up yoga mats for your home practice or in your jacuzzi for deeper relaxation.

However you choose to utilize eucalyptus oil, you are sure to create an environment of peace and tranquility while you shelter in. So take a few moments, breathe deeply, and treat yourself well.