Tranquility Blend: Eucalyptus Oil + Lavender

23rd Apr 2020

aroma basket beautiful flowers blooming

The fragrant oil of the eucalyptus is widely known for promoting relaxation and its ability to facilitate easier breathing. With its refreshing and camphorous aroma, it has become a key ingredient in meditative practices, various relaxation techniques, and home spa remedies. As an individual fragrance, eucalyptus can stand alone and stand out among other essential oils. However, when blended with the right aromas, the effects of eucalyptus can be enhanced and complemented.

Lavender is another aroma that is widely sought after in the realm of aromatherapy. Since ancient times, lavender was believed to help purify the body and mind. From the oils of the lavender plant, lavender is known to promote calmness and wellness. Today, lavender is incorporated into baths, aromatherapy, and can be used as a sleep aid.

With the soothing blend of eucalyptus and lavender, one can be transported to an environment of pure bliss and relaxation. The fresh inhale of eucalyptus supplemented by the calming exhale of lavender provides a sweet balance between the two.

What is the easiest way to use eucalyptus and lavender together?

Finding the right ratio of eucalyptus and lavender can be challenging with the overwhelming amount of oils on the market today. While some opt to blend individual bottles of eucalyptus and lavender with a diffuser, there are alternative ways of creating the tranquil environment you desire.

The combination of eucalyptus and lavender can be found in the perfectly blended bottle of Travertine Spa Collection's Eucalyptus + Lavender Steam Shower Spray. Travertine Spa Collection uses 100% pure eucalyptus oil in their Steam Shower Sprays to achieve the maximum inhalation benefits of eucalyptus. This incredible combination of eucalyptus and lavender was inspired by the eucalyptus of Australia as well as Grasse, France for its soothing lavender fields. Conveniently crafted in a spray bottle, all that is required of you is to simply spray 2-3 times in a warm, steaming shower. When the steam rises, the fragrance of eucalyptus and lavender will rise with it, giving you a moment of serenity that alleviates the stressors of the day.

Perfect for: The yoga enthusiast finding their center or after a long day at the office.