Species Spotlight: Eucalyptus Radiata

24th Apr 2020

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The Eucalyptus Radiata, also known as the Narrow-Leaved Eucalyptus, is known as the gentler and greener scented version of the Eucalyptus Globulus. The Narrow-Leaved Eucalyptus received its common name due to its physical resemblance to the Broad-leaved Peppermint. While it is grouped under the peppermint genus of eucalyptus, its aroma is far from peppermint. Instead, it offers a milder aroma that is best for children and those sensitive to powerful aromas.

Historical Uses

The Aboriginals used eucalyptus plants for their natural antibacterial properties to heal wounds, cuts, and burns. In addition, eucalyptus was also used to treat various respiratory conditions through inhalation. The leaves would be burned to provide relief for those with fevers or submerged in drinking water to ease stomach pain.


The Eucalyptus Radiata shares many similar therapeutic properties with its sister species, the Eucalyptus Globulus. Among these similarities, is its known ability to clear a stuffy nose or sinusitis. In addition, it is still widely used as an antibacterial, antifungal, and an antiviral, making it useful in fighting infections.

Eucalyptus Radiata: Best Oil Blends

The Eucalyptus Radiata is known to work best as a stimulating top note for many other oils to enhance its therapeutic properties. These fragrant oils include chamomile and ginger.