How to Prioritize Yourself and Self-Care in 2021:

17th Dec 2020

It is that time of year where 2020 is coming to an end. After the year the world has faced, it is the perfect time to re-evaluate and reset yourself in order to make way for new hopes, dreams and goals. The feeling of a new year approaching makes these things a little more inspiring and exciting and it’s a great time to use that momentum to kickstart the changes you need to make in order for your goals to be accomplished. While these new goals can be related to achievements and what you want to undertake in 2021 professionally, they can also be goals related to yourself. Your own personal wellness is, at the end of the day, the most important thing to focus on. In saying that, we are going to give you five tips to kickstart your plan to prioritize your self-care and wellness journey in 2021:

  1. Ask for help if you need it.

The most important thing to remember in your self-care journey is to ask for help if you need it. Asking for help from anyone from your family member to a professional is a strength; it is not a weakness or something to feel insecure about. You are only human and do not always have the capacity to accomplish every goal on your own.

2. Spend time with your loved ones and surround yourself with those that make you feel happy.

If anything was learned from 2020, it was the importance of human connection. In 2021, make it a goal to surround yourself with only people that make you feel happy and those you love and who love you in return. Do not let others bring you down; surround yourself with people who have a positive impact on your life and lift you up when you are feeling down.

3. Practice gratitude.

The more you practice gratitude, the more you will develop a positive outlook on life in return. Being grateful is powerful in creating a positive mindset for yourself and improving your overall wellness. Make an effort to either write down or think about three things that you are grateful for in your day and in general, every morning. It is the perfect way to start your day with a full heart and guide you on your self-care journey.

4. Treat yourself well.

At Travertine Spa, our mission is to encourage people to treat themselves well. To eat well, to dress well, to splurge on quality and adventure in your lifetime, far and wide. We recognise the impact that these factors have on a person’s wellness and overall confidence. That does not mean physical confidence but your confidence in who you are within. That type of confidence is magic and will help you to achieve everything you set your mind to in 2021 on your self-care journey. Make an effort to treat yourself well and find your confidence.

5. Take some ‘you time’ to relax and recharge.

Lastly, it is not selfish to practice self-care and take some ‘you time’. Taking time out of your day to relax is essential for your wellbeing and it is necessary to ensure you are prioritizing your wellness in 2021. Whether its journaling, drawing or watching a film, there are so many ways you can practice a little self-care. For us at Travertine Spa, we love utilizing our Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray to reap the benefits of eucalyptus aromatherapy. The Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray is all-natural, vegan and made of 100% pure eucalyptus oil; with no glycerin or inexpensive fillers. We spray two to three times into a steaming shower and as the mist rises, it immediately transforms your shower into an aromatic, relaxation experience like no other. An ordinary shower turns to extraordinary just like that; the ultimate definition of self-care. Being a pure essential oil, the Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray can also be used to clean yoga mats, as well as a room spray and used to freshen up linen. It is the perfect way to practice self-care on days where we are pressed for time and need a pick-me-up moment, or on days where you feel like treating yourself to the ultimate spa shower experience. The benefits of eucalyptus are endless, including but not limited to, helping to facilitate deeper breathing, aid in protecting against infection, soothing against discomfort and also to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. This makes eucalyptus aromatherapy the perfect activity to try next time you make time for yourself to relax and recharge.

So in conclusion, 2021 is your year to prioritize your self-care and wellness journey and Travertine Spa is here to help you with our botanical, natural spa and aromatherapy products. Browse our Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray line via the link here to ensure you treat yourself well this upcoming new year.