Eau De Parfum Explained

Posted by Christopher Stockton on 25th Aug 2023

One of many types of perfume concentrations, Eau de Parfum ranges from around ten to twenty percent perfume oil essence, and stands out as a beautiful, highly concentrated fragrance type that provides a deeper and richer olfactory experience than other more diluted perfume strengths. Other common perfume strengths, such as Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette, only contain concentrations of two to four percent and five to fifteen percent perfume oil respectively.

Eau de Parfums have a long-lasting aroma and are often richer than other less concentrated perfume strengths. Another beautiful thing about Eau de Parfums is they typically don’t require reapplication throughout the day. Since Eau de Parfums contain more perfume oil essence, just a couple of drops placed on the wrist and neck area can last from six to twelve hours, depending on the fragrance. Many of our fragrances are in the Eau de Parfum strength, providing you with a nuanced, subtle fragrance that remains with you throughout your day. In contrast, Eau de Toilettes are more diluted and can burn off at a faster rate, usually lasting only around three to eight hours on the skin.

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