Advantages of Inhalation

17th Jan 2020

Inhaling essential oils is a unique, valuable therapy. Breathing through steam is a lovely, gentle introduction for new oil enthusiasts and a worthwhile habit for veterans. The magic is in the oil's airborne compounds. When the compounds release into the bloodstream and throughout the body, including to the brain, people reap the effects.

It is all-natural.

Essential oils are plant-based, so ethical for most vegetarians and vegans. The Earth-friendly organic distillation processes are chemical-free. Just breathe easy and relax without toxins.

It is safe.

Eucalyptus' strength makes soft shower mists an optimal aromatherapy option. Its antiseptic properties are strong enough to attack germs. In large quantities, it is a natural insecticide. But ingestion is never recommended beyond quite small, carefully determined proportions found in edibles like cough drops and toothpastes. Steam therapy infuses such slight amounts into the air, such risks are nonexistent.

It acts instantly.

A shower mist requires no delay and inhaling offers immediate value. The oil does not have to dissolve in your bloodstream like vitamins and supplements. Nor must you work to calm your mind first, as with meditation or natural sleep aides. Unlike massages, you do not have to leave your home or pay a professional by-the-hour to come to you. Just one spray causes its healing compounds to flow straight to you for fast relief.

It is affordable.

Small bottles, mists, and sprays are worth their weight in gold. People are often surprised to learn high-quality, pure organic essential oils come at relatively low price points. The value extends even further given how highly concentrated they are.

Getting the Most Out of Inhalation Therapy

Eucalyptus mist therapy works any time of the day. In the morning shower, it leaves an invigorating memory and lingering calm to face daily pressures. It is also perfect to turn a mid-day slump into a second wind. Use before an evening out or tiresome obligation to approach the event with energy and verve. The Travertine Spa Collection offers a perfect example of a shower mist with their Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray, an innovative line of aromatherapeutic products meant to enhance your moments of self-care and relaxation.

The combination of a warm shower and pure oil mist sets the tone for more restful slumber. The eucalyptus aroma grants clarity, peace and an unclogged mind. Repeated use will form the basis of a healthful sleep regimen leading to decreased fatigue and increased vibrancy over time.

Better nutrition, holistic alternatives and natural cures will continue to replace expensive prescriptions and invasive procedures for wellness-minded people who desire alternatives. Essential oils are part of this mass movement to get more out of life while respecting money and time. Eucalyptus Inhalation Therapy is a touted solution for people to relax more, live naturally and eliminate toxic chemicals one transforming spray at a time.