Scented Ceramic Sachet

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Scented Ceramic Sachet
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Scented Ceramic Sachet

Is it jewelry? A diffuser? A fragranced ornament?


This unique ceramic is designed to hold scent to haute parfumerie standards without adulteration of the fragrance notes.

Fragranced with the extrait de parfum of our noted Spa Day fragrance. Spa Day is a  contemporary elegant fragrance made with absolutes, natural isolate molecules and imported essential oils. Light, refreshing and relaxing. Reminiscent of the calming essential oil aromas that waft through the air at luxury spas. Handmade and aged by our in-house perfumer. 

Add to your drawers, luggage, on your desk or around your wrist when you need a fragrant pick-me up.

Dimensions (Sachet): 1 3/4" x 1 5/8" (in)
Dimensions (Ribbon): 5 3/4" (in)