Hydrating Body Mist

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Hydrating Body Mist
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"Makes my skin more radiant . . . gives my muscles a slight pop." -Dre Drexler

"Like a rich body lotion. Good for your face, lips as well as your hair . . . and won't clog your pores." -Enya Flack CBS7

Ever wonder how models achieve that "all-over glow" in magazine ads? Our Hydrating Body Mist, with jojoba oil and moisture-balancing essential oils, is formulated to invigorate and nourish sun-exposed skin.

Known as a “dry oil” this product sprays wet but rubs in dry to nourish deep down like your best body cream. Favored by estheticians, jojoba oil is non-comedogenic so you can use it all-over to moisturize face, lips and hair. Swimmers love it to alleviate chlorine dryness.

Keep it nearby for when you want to look camera ready. (6 oz).

Inspiration: Switzerland. In a small town about an hour out of Zurich there is a spa where we spent hours soaking in different heated pools and fragrant saunas. Afterwards, a large glass of water quenches your thirst. This jojoba dry oil is perfect for nourishing your skin.

Now available in the Travertine Spa Store on Amazon.