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"I've smelled everything and this is amazing." -Spa Director, Biltmore

Spa day is made with absolutes, natural isolate molecules and imported lavender, geranium and spearmint essential oils. It is light, refreshing and calming. A contemporary elegant fragrance. Enjoy the Spa Day fragrance in a concentrated Extrait de Parfum and a Perfumed Oil Roll on. An extrait has the highest concentration of precious botanical oils in perfumery. Handmade, bottled and aged by our in-house perfumer. 

Extrait de Parfum
.5 fl. oz/ 15 ml

Perfumed Oil Roll on
.33 fl. oz/ 10 ml



Our most luxurious European packaging. TSA 3-1-1 liquids rule compliant. So jet set with confidence and reuse this elegant bottle on future travel adventures.